When Rappers Attack (Slaine vs Bomshot)

Slaine and Vega

Last night @ Hapers Ferry, rappers attacked. Slaine is our people, He’s a Boston MC/Actor whos been coming up since the early 2000’s dropping music with Special Teams, La Coka Nostra and a slew of solo work along with films. Dude is just a cool down to earth guy, everytime I see him he says what’s up, he knows my name, always down for a flick, or a convo and just ready to shoot the shit, an all around good guy imo and because of that he has my loyalty as a friend, fan and aquaintance.

I know Bomshot too, been listening to his music for years since The Mother Brain EP and watching him at shows since the 90’s and I’ve seen and heard of himdoing some hilarious shit over the years like throwing pocket fulls of tampons at Clinton Sparxx. He’s another guy I’d see just about everywhere and he always seemed pretty humble towards me…(althought there were rumors he had beef ?) Slaine and Bomshot both had roles in the Academy Award Nominated film Gone Baby Gone,,, Bomshot had a quick cameo appearance on the street and Slaine had a speaking role and was in a good portion of the film.

Last night Bomshot rushed the stage in the middle of Slaines performance @ Harpers Ferry to hand deliver a sucker punch. Bomshot missed, was tossed off stage and the crowd took over throwing him out of the venue, in Slaines words..

He wasnt really trying to “jump” me.  He drunkenly ran on stage while I was facing the crowd on the corner of the stage. I saw him a split second before he was to me… I shifted my body and head away from the punch and fell one way into the crowd, while he fell another. And then he caught a beating by everyone… that was it. I am fine. It was just kind of a sucka move, and obvious publicity stunt for a dude who put an album out nobody cares about yesterday. I was talking to him 20 minutes before that, and if he had a beef with me he should have said something and we coulda shot the fair one. But in all honesty he just made himself look like a douchebag, and didnt even graze me with any punch.

bom vs slaine

That’s some snake worthy shit on Boms part especially with the whole wanting to collab and being civil with dude right before hand. And the icing on the cake was this was a show that was rescheduled from the Winter and because of Bom they shut shit down which meant people didnt see Slaines fullset and didnt get to see Ill Bill. Well ill give you more news as it unfolds.. Bomshot if you read this what’s your rebuttle? Is there a reason for this whole mess or were really trying to sell War Ghost CD’s and thought fuck it ill go for it?

Peace to our man Slaine.

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