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Ill Bill ft Q-Unique – Let It Go


Ill Bill with a new joint off his latest release Howie Made Me Do It 2. Shits available via iTunes now, pick it up and support real hip-hop. Q is on the joint and they both spit some flames. RIP Howie.

Ill Bill and Steven King – Fathers of Violence (mixtape)


I meant to drop this on you guys last week but as you’ve noticed… I’ve been incredibly lazy. I’ll try and switch that here this week cuz I’m feeling motivated. But yea Bill and Steven great collabo effort, as mentioned before Steven King was on Uncle Howie many years ago, and I’ve always loved the joint The System. I’ve said F mediafire due to ads I recently tried to download something from there and it was hurrendous! ADS ADS ADS I could barely get to my download it was dreadful and I didnt want to put you guys through that… So I’ve found something new… I hope it works, sound off

01. Introduction
02. Young Gully – Ill Bill, Whatzisface & Steven King (Prod. by Harry Fraud Cuts by Statik Selektah)
03. M16 (Prod. by Ill Bill)
04. I Attack (Prod. by Ill Bill)
05. Muzzle The Nose (Prod. by Harry Fraud)
06. Brooklyn Cats
07. Howie Made Me Do It ft. Cyn Roc, E. Dot
08. The Drug Dealer
09. In Da Hood ft. Cyn Roc
10. Straight Illin’ ft. Skam2
11. Ya’ll Wont See Me ft. Cyn Roc, Q-Unique
12. Gangster Rap (remix) (Prod. by ATG)
13. Fathers of Violence (Prod. by ATG)

DOWNLOAD: Ill Bill and Steven King – Fathers of Violence