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Hell on Wheels (AMC)

AMC has a new show called Hell On Wheels. Its a period show about the construction of the railroads in America with a wild west theme. Last night they aired the 2nd episode and it was just as good as the first. Wanted to get people on to this show… If the premise didnt excite you perhaps a member of the rap community will. Common is a main character on the show playing a free slave who found work in the railroad industry, now he’s free but still being treated and looked at as a slave. *SPOILER* In the first episode who slit a dude throat which was gully as fuck, hoping to see Common become more street as the show moves along. Sunday nights at 10 on AMC check it out.

Slaine was on The Cape

Slaine Cape

Well, The Cape is a new series, comic book style on NBC and it’s not bad and I’ve been following it all season. Last night though I saw familiar face, our man Slaine up on primetime tv being one of “Scales” right hand guys and he had quite a few talking scenes and got yoked up by The Cape and also stomped a boot into The Capes ass torturing him and what not. Glad to see Slaine in more roles and having a pretty important roll it seemed in this one, I wonder if it will be reoccuring? I Couldnt tell if he was killed or just KO’d