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Thirstin Howl The 3rd ft Tha Liknuts – Beautiful People (video)

Omg that beat by Lester is grimy as hell. And JuJu is my favorite MC so yea fuck everyone,

“Twistin up the grape and a bambu, she blowin’ me, you know she gotta do what a fan do, Ju show love you do what it can do, bullshit, I’m lookin’ for a reason to slam you, hate everybody and everything brand new, BEWARE it’s the the Skillionare and his man Ju!”

Les comes in for nasty verse too! Then Thirstin as always brings skills haha, out the crevise comes J-Ro forget it. This is disgusting. Why won’t they drop that Liknuts album, kids take notice, this is hip-hop.

Al Tariq x Black Attack WNYU Freestyle 1996

Spotted this over @ DirtyWaters and had to snag it up and share it with you’s, ya’ll know Al Tariq formally of The Beatnuts. I wonder what Al is up to these days? God Connections was a dope ass album. This is from 96 so I suppose this is right around the time Al left The Beatnuts.