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Q-Unique ft Jise One and Swel – Say I

Q-Unique got a new album droppin with some classic materials pick it up on itunes.

01. My Ability (1994) (Prod. by Groovy Lou)
02. the Ultimate (Dark mix)(1993) – Nomaads (Prod. by Groovy Lou)
03. Quick Wiff the Ruffness (1992) – Nomaads (Prod. by Thomas Owens)
04. Nomaads on Kiss FM (1993) feat. Super Nat & DJ Enuff
05. The Ultimate (lite version)(1993) – Nomaads (Prod. by Groovy Lou)
06. This Time Around (1993) – Nomaads (Prod. by Skeff Anselm)
07. H.I.M – Nomaads feat Freestyle of the Arsonists (1995) (Prod. by Groovy Lou)
08. Nomaads on Tony Touch # 45 (1995)
09. Statistics – Nomaads (1995) (Prod. by Groovy Lou)
10. We Be Gunnin’ – Nomaads (1995) (Prod. by Groovy Lou)
11. 8th Wonder (1996) (Prod. by Q-Unique)
12. Never Need a 9 – Nomaads feat. Mr. Wiggles (RSC), Phraze & Zulu Gremlin (1994) (Prod. by Zulu Gremlin)
13. If I really wanna battle – Q-Unique & ILL BILL (1997) (Prod. by Mista Sinista)
14. Used to wish… Q-Unique & Street Sweepa (RSC)(1999) (Prod, by D Stroy)
15. Straight Up (1999) (Prod. by Mr. Len)
16. The Boogie Down- Q-Unique & Street Sweepa (RSC) (1999) (Prod. by Q-Unique)
17. Who What When (1999)(Prod. by Q-Unique)
18. Stress magazine freestyle- Q-Unique & ILL BILL (1997)
19. The Situation (1996) (Prod. by Q-Unique)
20. While you wait (1998) (Prod. by Q-Unique)
21. Chemikill- feat. Jise, Helixx and ILL BILL (1998)(Prod. by Q-Unique)
22. Do it- feat. D Stroy & Swel (Arsonists) (1998)(Prod. by D Stroy)
23. This is how we- feat. Jise & Swel (Arsonists) (2002) (Prod. by Spin One)
24. say I – feat. Jise & Swel (Arsonists)(2002) (Prod. by F. Boom)

Ill Bill ft Q-Unique – Let It Go


Ill Bill with a new joint off his latest release Howie Made Me Do It 2. Shits available via iTunes now, pick it up and support real hip-hop. Q is on the joint and they both spit some flames. RIP Howie.