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Adidas Forum Mid Military x Star Wars Han Solo

adidas star wars

These kickas are bad ass and are part of the Adidas Fall/Winter line, they have a bunch of other dope SW designs but these Han Solo Millennium Falcons are a must have on my shoe list.

The adidas Forum Military feature a portrait of Han on the tongue badge and the words “Galactic Scoundrel” printed below a Millennium Falcon graphic.

Adidas Celtics Fitted + NBA Live 08 Sneakers

Adidas Celts 1

Stopped by A.J. Wrights (discount designer clothing store) yesterday with Ben Nice and stumbled across 2 things… The good and the ugly… 1st the good, I copped this decent Adidas Celtics fitted, it’s one of the stretch fit ones which IMO is great! They fit perfect and comfortably right away unlike a New Era which has to be broken in before it fits just right. 6.99 was the price tag so I had to grab it.

adidas 2

adidas celtics 3

The ugly was also by Adidas, while I am now an Adidas supporter I’m not gonna be some asshole that says they can only do good. I came across these Adidas EA Sports NBA Live 08 sneakers. Yea they really made a sneaker after a video game and it was for adults… lol. If these were in another color way or didnt say “Cover Boy” perhaps in an alternate reality these good have been decent but as you can see laughable.

Adidas NBA Live 08

NBA Live Adidas 08