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Big Shug ft Slaine, Termanology, REKS and Singapore Kane – For The Real

big shug and vega
This is another one off Bug Shugs latest album I.M. 4 EVA this time featuring Boston’s best, the album also comes with a hard cover book called The History Of Gangstarr, here’s a taste from the book

“I remember telling Guru I thought Solaar was a sucker. I asked him to get some water, and we were performing on stage, and he said OK but he didn’t do it. I was like ‘Yo, does your boy think he’s part of the clique?’ And then he started being out with Guru but not us. We were in Utah and Guru actually left with that dude, he left the tour. We had two shows to do. Guru left and we ended up doing the show without him, a Gang Starr show. We did mad songs, Premier DJed and did a lot of the joints, we had the crowd singing along or whatever. It was crazy. Guru called me afterwards and said he and Solaar wanted to tour but that he wanted to bring me too. He wanted me to speak to his boy Solaar. This was when Solaar was still new with him. I said, ‘Yea I’ll speak to the boy.’ He put him on, and he said something, and because of the way I was talking to him, Guru said ‘Yo, I don’t feel how you talking to my man,’ shit like that. Then he said ‘We ain’t even gonna take you.’ Then I started screaming on them, both of em. I never heard from them again after that shit. Next thing you know I was speaking at the memorial. “

Slaine Quitting The Music Business?

Apparently the other day Slaine posted on his Facebook page that he’d be quitting the rap game within the next 18 months to pursue his acting career. While many fans might be quick to say “what the fuck, man!” Let’s look at it from a working mans perspective…. Slaine a rapper/actor….. Music is in the shitter right now if youre selling albums which many people arent you arent making too much money off it these days, you make money off touring and merchandise which is cool but it’s a lot of work, touring. You’re away from family, wife and kids etc. for most of the year if you want to keep the dough rolling in. Now if youre an actor, either acting in feature films, tv shows, you get paid a decent amount for a few days work in a small roll. You get paid big bucks if youre in a serious roll which requires you to be away for a few months unless youre shooting in your home town and seeing that Slaine is attached to the Aflecks he could probably drive himself to work everyday and have a home cooked meal every night. So you do the math. I wanna say peace to Slaine and I wanna wish him much luck in whatever he does and here at TheCrypt we’ll keep following. Slaine if you need a cameo by a big Mexican and you cant get in touch with Trejo give me a call.

Here’s the official word,

“These tours and albums Im doing over the next 18 months will probably be my last. Im more and more into making movies and sick of touring”

La Coka Nostra ft Vinnie Paz – My Universe

The latest release from the LCN team (minus Everlast), this one features JMT’s Vinnie Paz and is produced by Statik Selektah. Ill Bill said they’d be going for a darker and grimier vibe than the last album and I gotta say Statik cooked up a rugged ass beat. Ill Bill and Slaine destroyed this joint while Paz supplied the hook.