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Spring Breakers (review)

I’ve been anticipating this flick for quite sometime, not because of the Riff Raffesque James Franco but because I’m a fan of Harmony Korine. I saw Spring Breakers this weekend, Korine’s style is mad unorthodox but wicked good. Some scenes blew me away namely the Piano scene and the Billiards scene, were great and wonderfully shot and both different ends of the spectrum. One showed a frightened young church girl begging to go back home breaking down and biting off a bit more than she could chew. And the other scene showing he girls with no fear and living for the moment, for the experience. The acting by the girls and Franco were really top notch at times. Franco was on point the whole flick, he’s an incredible actor but spots by Gucci Mane weren’t great and seemed forced he had no emotion(it’s possible this is what they were going for). The film was shot great but I think the slow motion party w/ nudity montages were cool at first (the intro) but as the film went on it got a lil old we don’t need to see 10 minute party scenes shot in slow motion but i loved seeing the crotch, ass and titties (kinda).

This movie was overall really “cool” but I’ll be honest I felt uncomfortable and old watching it. The music matched the film well but I’m not a “club guy” so not really my shit. For the first time in my life I felt guilty about looking at women’s crotches and tits and it made me feel like Korine might be a pedo. But I kept thinking these girls are over 18 it’s ok, it wasn’t ok. One thing I learned while watching this movie is that Selena Gomez has really nice lips. The movie went a 1000mph but seemed real slow at times. So in the end I’d say the movie had some positive and negatives.

Hot Chicks, Crotch, ass, lips, and titties.
Drugs, alcohol, sex
violence, gangster ass James Franco
Britney Spears piano scene
Soundtrack fit the movie well
Guns, Guns, Guns!

Slow moving
Feeling like a creep
Gucci Mane’s sub par role
Slow motion party scenes were one too many
Repetitive script, in other words they’d repeat a narrative multiple times, why I dunno? It was odd.

So there’s a breakdown of some positives and negatives of the movie IMO. It was good and the editor probably had the best job in the biz doing this flick, but it wasn’t great. Not a movie I’d tell everyone to see. I give it a 3/5.


Film School with R.A. The Rugged Man (part 1)

R.A. droppin’ knowledge. Funny story, I was once listening to R.A. fairly recently inparticular his verse of Ruste Juxx’s new album Hard Body HipHop. R.A. had a line saying he was playing death at chess, which I had immediately known that was a Seventh Seal reference and if you’re like me, and into foreign films and classic then you knew it was about the Ingmar Bergman classic. So being the dork I am I hit him on twitter like great reference you dropped in that new track about Seventh Seal and R.A. hit me back with this.