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Madchild vs Daylyt (King of the Dot Rap Battle)

Drake & KOTD Present Mad Child of Swollen Members vs Daylyt from Watts, CA. Madchild’s second KOTD Rap Battle, although he has a few stumbles he overall performs very well vs likely one of the best Daylyt’s we have ever seen. Granted Madchild took this battle in the middle of a tour, and had a show after the battle if I am not mistaken. The battle is very entertaining from both sides, I think Madchild will do better in his next match, respect to both!

Madchild feat. Slaine & Prevail – Grenade Launcher Video Premier

Madchild drops the brand new video for Grenade Launcher, Mad’s been a busy kid lately with a new EP Lawnmower Man droppin very soon and his and Prevails Swollen Members “Beautiful death Machine” slated for the 19th of next month, Slaine also features on this and has his own project “The Boston Project” dropping the same day.