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DMX vs George Zimmerman

dmx vs zimmerman
I’m a few days late to the party on this one and i apologize but i had to weigh in. Last week rumors flew of George Zimmerman boxing ex G-Unit flunky The Game but that was quickly shot down, and we hoped never to hear the names George Zimmerman and The Game ever again. Strangely, George Zimmerman was dug up and once again boxing was involved. This time the opponent was to be once Def Jam and Ruff Ryder front man DMX. From the reports ive read on the interwebs people have been quite negative and against the fight. People are shocked that George Zimmerman proven cold blooded child killer and DMX documented fizzlehead and worst father ever to be fighting one an other in a boxing match. What exactly is shocking about this other than them fighting on Trayvon’s Birthday?

While I find it to be in extremely poor taste I don’t find this to be the lowest these two have gone, remember George killed a kid, and DMX made movies with Steven Seagal. Now DMX seems to have some fight experience, hes been to jail and prison many many times. That means you’ve had to have at least a tussle or two, right? I’ve also seen a video of him cracked out shadowboxing, he looked weak but quick. After watching that video about two years ago I challenged DMX to a boxing match on our podcast and we never got a response, although Joey and Bonafide were convinced I would lose.

We know George Zimmerman is a good shot but can the man fight? Hes overweight, out of shape, probably slow, does he still have that killer instinct? Can he over take the frail, aging, crackhead that was once hip-hops rawest rapper DMX? Or will the dog bite again (No K-Solo)? Im interested to see if this happens, nobody really can be a winner in this fight but ironically neither has nothing to lose.

On the same token DMX has a lot riding on this, if he wins hes the scumbag who fought George Zimmerman for crack money but hey at least someone got to beat George Zimmermans ass finally, right? If DMX loses… it’s over for him. I mean it’s already over for DMX but he’ll no longer have a career in rap or movies wait a second its like DMX already lost lol. But for real there will be no love for DMX hell be a legit bum if he doesn’t give it his all and beat Zimmerman half to death. He’ll not only be a disgrace to his fan(s) but im pretty sure everyone who followed the case and wanted to give Zimmerman a beatdown themselves will hate DMX for losing. The internet will destroy the X-Man with .gifs and memes of him taking the loss and well care even less the next time DMX gets arrested.

If i were to put money on it, which i wouldn’t, I’d bet the fix is in for DMX to win. So in theory everyone loses Zimmerman looks like he could be my little brother in that pic.

I’m Out Of Touch…

out of touch

Or atleast, I believe I am. I was over at Complex, why? I don’t know, but, they had this list of the 25 best songs of the year (so far) and I’m sorta happy to say I’ve only heard two songs on their list,The Roots – Right On (which I didn’t think was anything special compared to 75 Bars from 2 years ago) Sean Price -  Let Me Tell You, and  this seems to be the only hip-hop track that wasn’t backed by a major label and and not in cahoots monetarily with the corporate publication… I have avoided most of the names on that atrocious list because these particular artists..well… they suck. This may offend you, if it does, good. This list just makes me weep for state of music, such great arists are around making great art everywhere and they get no promotion what so ever and these artists stay confined to their respected areas/sub music cultures.

A site and company that prides itself on underground/street culture should truly be ashamed. Instead they’ve become the opposite of what they intend to be, they sell out street culture and make it a mockery and a joke,then try to pawn it off as whats real and it makes me sick to my stomach. I could easily name 25 better tracks that have dropped this year but I’ll refrain but I can think of one that didnt make the list and is possibly better than any track on the list is Freeway and Jake One – She Makes Me Feel Alright, that’s only one track on the album and thats far from the best joint on there. Oh, Complex gave the number 1 track of the year so far to Kanye West for the track Power, LOL what a joke.