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The Super (Trailer x Starring NECRO)

NECRO in his first full length feature film and it looks incredibly promising, NECRO’s role seems to be that of a crooked cop named Sardusky, this flick has class written all over it, and I need to get my hands on a copy somehow. More info HERE

You think I can get you outta this right now? Jesus couldn’t save you.

The Super

The Super is a horror/crime thriller centering on an unstable Vietnam veteran turned apartment house superintendent.

Taking place in a Queens apartment building during the Christmas season, the film follows George (Demetri Kallas) as he desperately tries to hold onto his sanity in the face of mounting home and workplace pressure. Also on his already full plate of problems is a wheelchair-bound wife (Lynn Lowry) who dreams of the day the family can leave the city behind and move upstate.

One of the building’s tenants, the vile Olga (Manoush), quickly becomes his partner in depravity. A dominatrix and snuff filmmaker, she takes George under her wicked wing and introduces him to the joys of killing for profit and pleasure. Faced with the problem of destroying evidence, the unholy duo turn to Detective Sardusky (Ron Braunstein making his feature film debut), a crooked cop who, for a price, can make bodies disappear. The action culminates in a series of shocking twists. 105 mins (tbd), US – English, 1:78:1, 2010