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Ghostface vs Action Bronson: The Game

Every now and again something great comes from a rap beef. Usually, it’s the 2 MC’s or their crews going at it spitting darts drawing us in waiting for their next line or word showing us how skilled they are at their craft. That’s what we expected from the Action Bronson and Ghostface beef and while that hasn’t happened yet we did get a great response video from Ghostface, a weird run up by Popa Wu, and now a video game.

Action Bronson is chased by The Wizard of Poetry Ghostface Killah while trying to catch Tweets, dodge deleted tweets all while trying to not piss off Pretty Tony all in a 8-Bit world! Play the game HERE.

The wonderful adventures of BronBron and the 36 chambers. Ghosts and ghouls and drugs and rap. Is the wu tang clan something to fuck with? Will mr.fabulous escape the clutches of the evil face that also happens to be a ghost? How hard will ghostface grab his nuts? What about the wu tang affiliates? Will killah beez come for dem kneez? Find out next time on Whats beef.