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Ghostface ft Action Bronson and Termanology – Meteor Hammer

leg weapons

New one off Wu’s latest release Legendary Weapons this time featuring Boston’s Termanology and Flushings Action Bronson.

Ghostface is Being Sued Face


Just read this over @ AHH

The man who composed the original 1966 theme to “Iron Man” has filed a lawsuit against Ghostface Killah, Razor Sharp Records and Sony Records, claiming they illegally used his “Iron Man Theme” on Ghost’s 2000 album Supreme Clientele.

Songwriter Jaques “Jack” Urbont filed the lawsuit on June 30th, in United States District Court, Southern District of New York.

Urbont is the legal and beneficial owner of an undivided interest in the original copyrighted musical composition and sound recording for the theme for the “Iron Man Theme” and the music from the 1966 television show.

Urbont is a world-renowned songwriter, who has composed, orchestrated and conducted music for episodes of TV shows like “Mission Impossible,” “Mannix,” and others.

Additionally, Urbont composed the themes and lyrics for “The Guiding Light,” “One Life to Live,” “General Hospital,” and the TV representations of “Iron Man,” “Captain America,” “Hulk,” “Submariner,” and “Thor.”

He also has composer credits for TV shows like “All My Children,” “That 70s Show,” “Oprah,” “Rosie,” “20/20, and “The View.”

Urbont has also worked with artists like Sammy Davis Jr., Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, George Burns and others.

Urbont claims that he owns the exclusive rights to the “Iron Man Theme,” and that Ghostface Killah, Sony, and RZA have been using his works, resulting in substantial revenue for Ghostface.

Ghost, born Dennis Coles, debuted in 1996 with his album Iron Man.

Since then, has been using the name “Tony Starks/Iron Man” moniker, in addition to his original name of Ghostface Killah.

The lawsuit claims that in addition to illegally using the “Iron Man Theme” on the album Supreme Clientele, the usage of the name “Tony Starks” is also infringing upon Urbont’s copyrights.

“Urbont is over 80 years old and would not normally encounter the defendants rap music in the ordinary course of his dealings in the music industry or otherwise,” Urbont’s lawyers said.

“The defendants fraudulently concealed their use of the ‘Iron Man Theme’ on Supreme Clientele,” the lawsuit reads. “For instance the liner notes of Supreme Clientele do not give any indication that Urbont’s sound recording or compositions are contained on the album.”

The lawsuit claims that Ghostface’s usage of the nickname “Tony Starks” gives the rapper a substantial commercial advantage, by linking him to “Iron Man” without having to pay for it.

Urbont seeks millions in damages.

A copy of the lawsuit is below.



Ghostface, Sean Price, Trife Diesel – Laced Cheeba

laced cheeba

I told you we’d be back on our Wu shit, bring the lawyers on new jawn off the upcoming Wu release Legendary Weapons. This track is some heat, Tony kills it.