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Mudbones aka Cage – Mudbones Madness (DEMO EP 1992)

So Cage as a youngster got up with Pete Nice and made his first album Mudbones btw his name was Keige back then.. These tracks were released/made in 1992-1994 and to my knowledge were never officially released. I havent seen this album for download so figured I’d put it up for ya’s. The quality probably isnt the best, but oh well. Also put a bonus on here with the Mind Is KInda Morbid Demo.

Cage – The Hunt

Cage drops the artwork for his new album “Kill The Architect” and drop the first single “The Hunt’ He also announced the album will drop on Eastern Conference Records and have production by Dj Mighty Mi, we’re not sure if it will exclusively be by him yet though. Guess we’ll find out October 22nd.

RIP Kubrick