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My Main Man Pat: Maestro Fresh Wes x Beastie Boys

My Main Man Pat is back again this week, I missed last week, sorry Pat! I’ll try to stay on my A-Game.

We are keeping it old school this week at My Main Man Pat and I hope you all will oblige. Both of this week’s designs are inspired by tracks that got me hooked on hip-hop, and it’s going to be a special seven days considering they are a big reason for this page’s existence.

Most of you know that we are based out of Canada, and it’s only right we are teaming up with fellow Canuck Alan J. Thatcher on a shirt inspired by the man who put our country’s hip-hop scene on the map. I don’t know how big “Let Your Backbone Slide” got on your countries charts, but it opened the door for a lot of cats up here and I’m honored to be paying the Maestro Fresh Wes a salute.

“Skills To Pay The Bills” is our second print from Ollie Saward’s Droppin Knowledge series which are hand lettered illustrations of some of Hip-Hop’s all-time classic lyrics. Beastie Boy fans are likely to dig this one a little extra but to be honest I can’t think of many rappers who haven’t used this line at some point and it needed to be brought to life.

Until next week,




R.I.P. to MCA of The Beastie Boys, easily one of the best if not the best hiphop groups of all-time, people will say RUN DMC is greater but I’ll be honest with you guys, RUN DMC didn’t make anything dope after 1990 granted all those albums were dope up to 90 but their presence wasn’t felt after 1990 IMO, where the Beasties went experimental and were extremely successful with it being nominated and winning many awards from the industry/peers and their new music is still relevant and selling up to the present day. 2 of my favorite albums of all-time are License to Ill and Check Your Head. RIP MCA you were great, and you’ll be missed, thanks for the great music.

MCA Has Cancer….

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I’m happy it’s not too serious but shitty nonetheless I speak for all Beastie Boys fans when I say I hope you get well soon.