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Akrobatik and Nas are In Cahoots with Harvard

This video is great, white priviledged kids love hip-hop, you have Nas one of the GOATS cosigning, you got local legend Akrobatik teaching, you have Henry Louis Gates (The guy who had the sit down with Obama and Cambridge Police, because a policeman did his job and responded to a call.) Harvard Professor backing it, now all you need is the tuition and acceptance to Harvard and you can take hiphop class.

Newbury Freestyle Tape II (circa 96?)

Newbury Freestyle Tape II
The Newbury Freestyle Tape is pretty legendary it’s the holy grail of the underground hiphop scene specifically Boston. This is the tape where many established MC’s got their start. Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Rip Shop, among others all got there start on this tape. This is unbelievably rare and it’s pretty much non-existent and has never been leaked to the internet you can’t even find info of this on the net check Discogs! This is 90 minutes of fresh material ripped directly from tape and cut up by freestyle. The quality is extremely good, I also have side A and B ripped directly in two 45 minute tracks. Take a step into 1996, back when dudes used to really freestyle.
Liner Notes
T-Maxx, Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, KT, Low Key, Mikst Nutz, Mr. Duff, 7th Child, God Complex, Polecast, M Slash and more!

Full Tape with all tracks cut up and OG Rips of Side A and Side B below,

Akrobatik – Enter Tha 63 Chambahs

Akrobatik is back with a new free EP which is also promoting these dope shirts @ILoveBostonSports def gonna pick one up in two weeks if their still available.


1.) “Bru-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To Puck Wit”
2.) “Radio Skit #1”
3.) “Triumph” (Game 7)
4.) “Fish” (Noseface Killah Anthem)
5.) “The Illest Team”
6.) “Radio Skit #2”
7.) “Protect Ya Net”
8.) “All That We Got Iz You” (Ode To The Fans)
9.) “Radio Skit #3” (Outro)