Spose A Rapper From Maine LOL


While our pals at JTTS ride the bologna poney of Boston fluff MC Sam Adams here at TheCrypt we’re discovering far worse and more laughable MC’s. Meet Spose from Wells Maine, Yea that’s right Maine, Wells… Maine… The Freindliest Town in Maine, LOL people vacation in Wells, its a lil town on the beach. It’s a fun time, it really is, Ive gone a couple times I get the high score in video basketball and I flex. This kid has released joint called I’m Awesome which I heard on Sirius Hits, Spyder Harrrison was droppin some info on homie which made me laugh. This track is terrible, and makes me feel bad for hip-hop, I cant believe that this Disney channel ish is accepted in the game, last time I felt this low about Rap is when I heard Skee-lo, Taller. Spose is reading this saying c’mon dude Skee-Lo was nice JK. Anyways this is some hack fan video but you pretty much get the gist. I guess if youre not some old clown like myself and a young buck maybe youll dig this stuff check the video and let us know. Hey if there is a real MC from Maine which I know there is throw us some joints and well put em up show us how you represent your state.


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