R.I.P. Bai Jing

Kung Fu actress Bai Jing was murdered this week by her billionaire husband who later killed himself. The story goes that Bai Jing was in with the Triads and there was a plot to steal this guys money, dude found out and killed her. Who knows what the real story is but its a sad one. Bai Jing was a good actress who possessed incredible Kung Fu skills, so much so it’s said Bai Jing trained in Wing Chun for 6 months and was accepted as the first mainland student of Wing Chun master Ip Chun, son of the famous Ip Man. The clip of her below is from Kung Fu Wing Chun and shes battling the great Collin Chou. To read in depth about this shocking murder suicide check China.org.cn

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