Pound of Flesh Trailer & Movie Review

For this installment of VX’s epic action trailers & films I plan to make up for last time. I give you “Pound of Flesh” Jean Claude’s return to the silver screen in all his glory. Most of the plot can be gathered from the trailer, in which JC wakes up in a tub of ice after banging some chick the night before. He has a missing kidney and declares “It’s mine, I want it back.” The backdrop is the city of Manilla, in the Philippines which turns out to be pretty bad ass. Needless to say JC beats the shit out of some people. In one sequence he uses the holy bible to slap around some bouncers in a bar. He also has a pretty sweet split kick while being dragged by a moving car. JC fights his way to a fight club where he puts some mean submissions on fools to show them who’s the boss. The ending sequence is a wild shoot out, with grenades followed by a decent plot twist. Overall i’d give it four out of five ninja stars. While the other actors are sub par, JC definitely gets the job done. Also R.I.P to Darren Shahlavi, he was a rising star in the action scene who passed away shortly after this film was finished at the young age of 42. He was a body guard for many Hollywood actors, and played a great villain. I believe this was the last film he completed he may have also done some work on Kickboxer: Vengeance the soon to be released Kick-boxer reboot. My next review will be Scott Adkin’s China epic “Wolf Warriors”.

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