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So yesterday I went into the hospital after watching an abysmal Monday Night Raw. I was having chest pains on and off all day but it wasn’t anything to be afraid of, I stood up to go to the bathroom and it felt like a dagger got rammed into my back. I called 911. The paramedics gave me some medicine I went into the ER at about 12:30 am. At 2:31 am I died from a heart attack and they hit me with the shock paddles to bring me back. Two things I can confirm. When I died I didn’t feel anything. No bright lights, no guy in a red suit with a pitchfork, nothing. The other is that after being dead for like 2 minutes I felt like I had slept for 12 hours. I was completely refreshed. I had surgery at like 6 am, had a stent put in, and I’m recovering peacefully. The outcry of support is real,I can’t thank all of you enough. ❤️

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Our friend Vanderslice and supporter of TheCrypt has been having some health issues. I’ve known Vanderslice for over ten years going back to the days. He is one of the realest dudes, no filter, no bullshit, just tells it like it is and is master on the beats. Get better Vanderslice comeback like Sabu after Chris Beniot broke his neck. Give my brother some love and pick up his new album The Best Album Money Can Buy , link below.


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