Chali 2na ft Ming-Xia – Against the Current (video)

Some new shit by Chali 2na, a pretty fresh track, here’s some info about the project he’s working on.

the lead single and title track to the multi-dimensional project by Chali 2na. A series of 5 EPs that run the genre spectrum, combined with a book-of-art that helps bring the music to life.

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Get involved on a personal level by making a pledge toward the production of Chali 2na’s first-ever visual art offering. A coffee table book depicting the evolution of 2na’s career through original artwork and photography crafted by the man himself. From his early days before rhyming, as a vandalous graffiti writer, to his present day passion for oil painting, and everything in between — Chali takes you behind the scenes with never before shown photos from various stages of his music career while in front of the camera as well as revealing his blossoming skills behind the camera where he’s become legendary on instagram (

In true collaborative fashion, “Against The Current” is a project delivered direct from Artist to Fan, credited directly to the support of Fan to Artist — and speaks to anyone and everyone who has ever overcome obstacles on the journey to find success doing what you love to do, even if that’s not what’s currently popular..

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