Blaq Poet Society Teaser x Tracklist x Cover


Blaq Poet Society drops on June 21st and our people Vanderslice (Dustmightz) and Stu Bangas (Guns-N-Butter) aka Brutal Music are fully producing it. The beats are raw as hell and make me want to punch your father. It was only last week I was listening to The Blaqprint which is a fantastic album. Pick it up and pick up Bkaq Poet Society when it drops.


1.)    Intro

2.)    Power Music (produced by Stu Bangas)

3.)    Butcher Shop f/R.A The Rugged Man (produced by Vanderslice)

4.)    Charles Speaks

5.)    Daytime Shootouts f/Jaysaun & Chief Kamachi (produced by Stu Bangas)

6.)    Hood Talk (produced by Stu Bangas)

7.)    Bushmaster Music f/Vinnie Paz & Lateb (produced by Stu Bangas)

8.)    Guns N Ammo (produced by Vanderslice)

9.)    Mortuary Music (produced by Vanderslice)

10.) Bill Speaks

11.) New Age Villain f/Reef The Lost Cauze  (produced by Vanderslice)

12.) Blood Pool f/Wais P (produced by Stu Bangas)

13.) Life Of A Hustler f/Capone (produced by Vanderslice)

14.) Nighttime Shootouts f/Apathy & Celph Titled (produced by Stu Bangas)

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