Tusk (trailer)

Finally the trailer for Tusk! This doesnt look quite as good as I hoped mainly because it has Justin Long in it and he just sucks. Also looks psychological (no Necro) and less monster film I was hoping for. Kevin Smith hasnt really failed me yet so my fingers are still crossed.

Copywrite – Yasiin Bey (video)

Copywrite and Suroc quietly dropped a new EP called Murderland which you can score on iTunes now.  Copywrite is easily one of the most consistent in the underground and imo makes nothing but quality music. The videos quite interesting as well its been 4 or 5 years since I’ve seen Copywrite, his clothing style has changed slightly as he’s rocking what looks like female socks with Huck Finn pants and a blonde ponytail, truly awesome. Perhaps it’s his best Mos Def impression truly an incredible troll if so.  And “smoke more wax than action bronson”.