The Supervisor – Skinner’s Aren’t Winners x Bitch Who Asked You?

The Supervisor is Back with another one this time the premier of the Skinner’s Aren’t Winners video. Amazing stuff, and a nice troop around Boston. Represent. Get The Supervisors Mixtape below called “Bitch Who Asked You?“. It’s a great release so please support and you can also catch The Supervisor alongside myself, Monday nights, on The HipHopHeads Podcast.

Talib Kweli – I’m a Black Guy – DISS by Mark Dice – ‘Get By’ Parody”

Talib Kweli seems deapressed and this guy pretty much sums up everything i think about Talib Kweli. As I said before, I was a huge Talib Kweli fan prior to meeting him in 2007(?) where he seemed to not give a shit about his fans. Now I just tell it like it is. The guy hasnt made anything worth a listen in a decade.