Review: Rubble Kings


Rubble Kings is a documentary I’ve been looking forward for a bit thanks to Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire. It’s about NYC’s gang culture of the 1970’s. I’ll be the 1st to say I don’t know much about NYC street gangs of the 70s other than the Warriors, Education of Sonny Carson, and some Google searches trying to find out what happened to Wolf. This documentary was pretty good though.  It had many images of the ghetto that was the South Bronx and some random video clips but I felt like the images and video clips in a lot of areas. I can’t blame the directors for this as I’m sure there isn’t a lot of documentation of that sort still hanging around for them to use. Where the film shines is the story.

Basically the movie speaks on gangs from the 70s from all the boroughs but the bread and butter is the South Bronx and the Ghetto Brothers. Benji is the founder along with Karate Charlie and they basically tried a different approach to gang life. Instead of setting out to fight gangs for turf when wanted to help their hood and expose the police and the government as the villains. Not only do they discuss gangs but they talk about the causes for the gang life and how the South Bronx went to culturally diverse neighborhood to a sprawling war zone with thousands of burnt buildings,  with unending drugs and violence. And of course the finish of how and why the gang mentality stopped.

Overall Rubble Kings was pretty good with great characters and gripping stories from men who lived it.  It made it seem how accurate films like the Warriors and Education of Sonny Carson were. Seriously you wouldn’t believed it happened if you weren’t from there.